May 07, 2017

Ziua Mondiala a Rasului / World Laughter Day

Secolul 16.
Asteapta printul un ravas de la iubita.
Trei zile si trei nopti asteapta. 
Nu mananca, nu doarme, nu bea.
In sfarsit, in zare, observa porumbelul mesager.
Fericit, printul scoate repede sigiliul scrisorii si citeste:
'Ascut spade. Ieftin. Garantie 12 luni'.
- a joke heard from a friend -
16th century.
The prince is waiting to receive a letter from his beloved lady.
Three days and three nights he waits.
He does not eat, he does not sleep, he does not drink.
Finally he sees, in the distance, the homing pigeon.
Very happy, the prince quickly removes the seal of the letter and reads:
'I sharpen swords. Cheap. 12 months guarantee'.

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